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The Get Fishing family guide for all new anglers – Dominic Garnett

Dominic Garnett, Author and Fishing Guide, gives his thoughts on the new Get Fishing ‘how to’ guide to Coarse, Sea and Fly Fishing by Allan Sefton.

Angling books for the beginner or improver are always welcome – especially when they are as clear and welcoming as Get Fishing, the ‘how to’ guide to Coarse, Sea and Fly Fishing by Allan Sefton.

Let’s face it, as experienced anglers we forget how confusing and jargon infested our sport can be, especially for the newcomer.

We all have to start somewhere, though….

As a kid, I can still remember how dry and impenetrable many of the books were, and how appalling the visuals were!

Reading about fly fishing, for example, I once thought I’d need a brain the size of a house just to understand all the various insects and their imitations.

Dominic Garnett

Get Fishing, by Allan Sefton on the other hand, is beautifully clear and friendly. You can tell it was written by a coach who knows where the novice is coming from. I’m so pleased to have played a small part in contributing some feedback and photography to help the book, too.

Along with David Overlands bright and appealing illustrations, it’s certainly very easy on the eye and at just a tenner, really easy on the wallet!

Pitched at just the right level to make the world of fishing a clearer, modern and more appealing place for the newcomer, Get Fishing is the sort of book I wish I’d had back in the 80s!


Get Fishing Book

Visit DG Fishing at for Dominic’s latest and best loved angling books, along with free fishing articles, angling gifts and guided fishing adventures in Devon and Somerset. Whether you are a fly, coarse or sea angler, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. Dominic is a fully licensed Level 2 Game and Coarse Angling Coach with over 25 years experience. He can show you the South West’s finest locations and how to get the best from the region’s fishing opportunities. With fishing lessons in Devon and Somerset, ranging from small stillwaters to the wild streams of Exmoor and Dartmoor. Whether you want to catch trout or coarse fish on the fly, unlock a river or enjoy classic float fishing, Dominic’s aim is to provide your perfect fishing experience.

Get the book: Coaches, fishing clubs, libraries and schools will find this a practical guide to help people get outdoors and active, and discover the wonders of angling, its proven contribution for fitness, mental health and wellbeing.

At just £9.99 the book can be ordered directly from Merlin Unwin Books. When combined with a free Get Fishing event, a follow-up visit to a helpful fishing club or perhaps a coaching session or two, this is a great way to learn how to fish.

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Get Fishing, the ‘how to’ guide to Coarse, Sea and Fly Fishing by Allan Sefton

Book Info and Orders:
Get Fishing the ‘how to’ guide to Coarse, Sea and Fly fishing
Author: Allan Sefton
ISBN: 978 1 910723 91 3
Published: July 2019
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 128
180 colour photographs
50 colour illustrations
Price: £9.99

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