Government Confirms Angling Can Continue

The Cabinet Office on behalf of the Government have confirmed that despite increased restrictions on group gatherings, Angling is amongst the sports that can still be enjoyed as a group activity due to the fact that “the relevant governing body [Angling Trust] has published guidance on how to do so safely.” The Cabinet Office update published on the .Gov site yesterday then goes on to confirm the need to stick closely to this guidance and links to the Covid-19 section of the Angling Trust website.

This is further confirmation that Angling is free to continue and once again highlights the importance of the hard work that was done earlier this year, and continues to be done by our staff to update guidance and liaise with government.

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook said;

“This latest statement is further vindication of the work and commitment the Angling Trust have put in to ensuring angling could not only safely return but remains a permitted and beneficial activity. In my limited time in post I’ve seen comments questioning our influence and status which I hope this statement addresses directly – what we have to ask ourselves as anglers of all denominations is where we would be without the ability to engage with and influence at government level? The Angling Trust provides that engagement and influence which our sport desperately needs.

“Fishing has not been taken away from us before and with your support my team and I will continue to work to ensure that it never is again.”

For full details of the Cabinet Office release please see the link below (scroll to item 3.16 for the relevant passage.


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