Angling Trust respond to new restrictions on fishing in Wales

The Angling Trust has argued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that in line with scientific evidence, outdoor individual sports or pastimes, where social distancing is practiced, are a safe and beneficial means for individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing during this difficult time.

We are disappointed that the Welsh Government’s “fire break” which will run from 6pm Friday 23rd October until Monday 9th November now limits access to practical participation in angling and for many other beneficial outdoor activities where essential equipment is required.

Angling remains a permitted activity, albeit with onerous conditions, and anglers can participate for as long as they wish provided they can walk or cycle to the water and their session starts and ends at home. Whilst we consider this an unnecessary constraint on a safe and beneficial activity during this ‘fire break’ we are asking anglers to follow the Welsh Government guidance and respect the travel restrictions.


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