Individual Sea angling on local beach at Redcar, Cleveland - 2. Picture by Rob Hendry


Opportunities to join your IFCA and contribute to the management of inshore fisheries

New members of the 10 Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities are currently being recruited. The Angling Trust is encouraging sea anglers to apply in order to balance the experience, knowledge and expertise of local stakeholders on the committees and to contribute to the future management of fisheries and the marine environment in the areas they fish.

Angling Trust member Les Weller has been a member of the Northumberland IFCA since 2011 and is now the chairman of NIFCA & Vice Chair of the Association of IFCA’s. He said:

“With the new Fisheries Act along with existing and future work issues, such as bait collection, your local IFCA needs a balanced authority that has anglers within it to express the views of the sea angling community. Without you we are working in the dark.”

Details of how to apply can be found on the IFCA websites and on the poster below. Applications close on January 4th. Please forward this on to fellow anglers who may wish to apply and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the management of fisheries in their area.

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