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Take a Prince Fishing – read how Angling Trust’s Dave Munt took HRH Charles to Charltons Pond

Dave Munt is a Club and Fishery Development Officer for the Angling Trust and he gets to work with some brilliant community projects. They incorporate fishing in their work to improve people’s lives in his native Teesside. With another Take a Friend Fishing running now until 10th January, Dave was reminded  about a rather special visit a few years back…

Take a Friend Fishing is all about anglers introducing people to fishing – it reminded me of giving none other than HRH Prince Charles a go, just down the road at Billingham Angling Club’s Charltons Pond in Stockton-on-Tees.

Prince Charles was in the area to visit the steelworks at Redcar but took time to look at community and environmental projects too. We were running a fishing session on the day.

Dave Munt and HRH The Prince of Wales 1080 x 1080-1

Here I am showing him how to have a cast with different fishing tackle than he’s used to, after the kind of fish we have in Charltons like carp, roach, and perch – no salmon here!

I’m in my Get Hooked on Fishing uniform as part of an angling project to create positive opportunities for young people and the communities they live in. Get Hooked are a national angling charity and the work they do really goes to prove the social and community benefits angling can have.

This is a session like that at Charltons Pond where I run competitions and events for kids and their families that really have changed hundreds of lives for the better.


Dave Munt
Angling Trust
Club and Fishery Development Officer (East of England)
07854 239 715
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About Take a Friend Fishing:
The Take a Friend Fishing campaign is a partnership between the Angling Trades Association, the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust – it’s designed to give more people the chance to get into fishing.

Applying at www.takeafriendfishing.org.uk is easy – the free fishing licence will be sent with a confirmation email, so please remember to have the angler’s fishing licence, both people’s email addresses and the date of the trip ready when you register.

Relaunched in 2020, over 4,000 people have already taken part in Take a Friend Fishing this year alone! A great sign that angling is as popular as ever, and still just as easy to get into, especially with a friend to show you how.

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