Shimano to support the Angling Trust’s work to protect fish, fishing and environment

The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that Shimano, renowned throughout the world for its trusted, high-quality fishing tackle, has become a Trade Associate.

The agreement will see Shimano play an active role in supporting the work of the Trust to protect fish, fishing and environment, and grow the sport by encouraging more people to take up fishing.

With the rise in angling’s popularity over the past 12 months, Shimano have recognised and appreciate the Angling Trust’s hard work behind the scenes in ensuring that angling and its benefits have been promoted in the best possible way so that anglers – new and existing – can enjoy their sport and pastime.

Welcoming the partnership, Shimano said:

“We want to help support the Angling Trust and the fishing industry by promoting the benefits of angling and the outdoor environment, which is in line with Shimano’s mission to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us. This includes the protection of marine and freshwater fisheries, waterways and the countryside.

“We also understand the importance of promoting the sport to attract newcomers, to help it grow and protect the industry for future generations. We believe angling is a hobby that should be accessible to all and we want to help the Angling Trust gain and maintain newcomers into the sport by providing support, advice and experience.

“We are very excited to become a Trade Associate member and look forward to working closely with the Angling Trust and many other brands from within the industry. We believe that the industry will be stronger by working together.”

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust, said:

“The Angling Trust is keen to form strong links with all areas of angling and we are delighted to welcome Shimano as Trade Associate partners. Their aims to protect the environment and to promote health and well-being through outdoor activity align closely with ours and I am confident that Shimano’s years of experience, innovation and knowledge in the tackle industry will be beneficial to the important work of the Trust in protecting fish, fishing and our waters. I look forward to working with Shimano for years to come.”

Ian Latham, Managing Director of Shimano UK, said:

“The synergy of the Angling Trust’s goals and those of Shimano UK has immense appeal and we see that by working together we will provide a strong and healthy sport for millions to enjoy over the coming years. Shimano UK are also keen to align with and get involved in the hard work being done by the Angling Trust regarding anti-pollution of our waters and the drive for anglers to be more responsible for their surroundings when fishing. We look forward to adding our support and energy to that of the Angling Trust for these important projects.”

Ian Latham, Shimano UK

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