Campaign Update: Progress Made on Admiralty Pier

Sign the petition now to save angling on Admiralty Pier, Dover. 

On Thursday 6th May, representatives from the Angling Trust and the Dover Sea Angling Association met with Dover Harbour Board to discuss security concerns they have around Admiralty Pier and the wider Dover Port area.   

As a result of this meeting, we will be meeting with the Dover Harbour Board again to discuss potential solutions to ensure angling can continue within Dover Harbour. We look forward to continuing dialogue with the Dover Harbour Board.  We will continue to raise the concerns of both the local and wider sea angling community at this historically important site and fight for the future of angling in Dover. 

Thank you to all of those who have provided tremendous support to the campaign so far. We encourage you to continue sharing and signing the petition to further build support for this iconic angling location. We will soon be releasing advice on how to write to your MP to back the campaign.  

 Hannah Rudd, Campaigns Officer said “Admiralty Pier is a culturally important location for sea anglers who have fished off the Pier for over a hundred years. It is at the heart of the angling community through supporting local businesses, providing mental health and wellness benefits and delivering the only location in the area where disabled anglers have access to fish. It is also a historically important site for the nation as a grade II listed building that played a vital role during both World Wars.”   

“Alongside the Dover Sea Anglers Association, we will be working hard to ensure that the best possible outcome for sea anglers is achieved in Dover and look forward to working with the Dover Harbour Board to identify solutions that will accommodate the angling community.”  

Keep an eye on our website and sign up to our Sea Angling Newsletter for updates and more ways you can support the campaign to keep Admiralty Pier open for angling. 

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