Angling for Shark Science: Launch of Shark Hub UK

Launching today, Shark Hub UK is an exciting partnership between the recreational shark angling community and scientific researchers who are working together as equals to better understand sharks around the UK.

After the successful launch of a dedicated programme of shark virtual sea angling forums and a well-received shark angling survey as a result of working together for the past year, the collaborative partnership between the Angling Trust, the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain, the Sport Fishing Club of the British Isles and researchers from Bournemouth University, the University of York and Plymouth Marine Laboratory is now known as Shark Hub UK.

Through Shark Hub UK the team hope to support and engage with the wider recreational angling community to improve access to resources like best-practice guidelines, increase participation in the sport, particularly with those from vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to widen educational outreach on UK sharks.

As more apex predators arrive off our shores this is an incredibly exciting time for shark research in the UK. The coalition will advocate for the valuable role that recreational anglers can play in broadening our scientific understanding of shark species around the UK and informing shark management both nationally and internationally.

Hannah Rudd of the Angling Trust said “Anglers are in a unique position to contribute to our collective understanding of sharks around the UK and it is hugely exciting for us to be a part of this coalition to work toward common goals of both the angling and scientific communities. Over the last year the positive response we have received for our shark-themed virtual sea angling forums and shark angling survey has been fantastic to see and we look forward to continuing to build and expand on this work in the future. It’s a very exciting time for shark science in the UK.”

Dr. Simon Thomas of the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain said “It is truly exciting to be involved in a coalition of like-minded anglers and scientists where anglers are treated as equal partner. The SACGB are delighted to be able to continue their long association with shark science and conservation with others who share our goals. Anglers are uniquely placed to provide data to further our knowledge of shark species and ultimately contributing to our understanding  of these wonderful group of animals is in everyone’s best interest”

Dr. Georgia Jones of Bournemouth University saidMy work would not be possible without the knowledge and input of the recreational angling community and I am hugely excited to work with anglers to better understand our UK shark species.”

Dr. Bryce Stewart of the University of York said “I’m delighted and excited to see the launch of the Shark Hub today. Recreational anglers are key stakeholders in the marine environment, and working with them is essential for advancing the conservation of sharks”

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