Positive signs for agricultural pollution enforcement as EA look to recruit 50 new farm inspectors

The Angling Trust has been campaigning hard for the Environment Agency to get a grip on the unsustainable amount of agricultural pollution that has had such a damaging effect on our rivers, lakes and oceans for many years. As part of our Anglers Against Pollution campaign we have consistently called for more boots on the ground in the form of EA staff who actually visit farms and enforce the laws we have to protect our waters from pollution. So it’s come as a much needed piece of positive news that the EA are now looking to recruit an additional 50 Agriculture Regulatory Inspection Officers in England.

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook said: 

Anglers Against Pollution is an amazing campaign that has received incredible support from the whole angling community. It’s been fantastic to have every branch of our sport coming together to protect the waters we fish. As part of the campaign we have worked incredibly hard alongside Fish Legal to push Government to take their responsibility to enforce the laws around agricultural pollution more seriously. We have been calling for more officers on the ground to inspect farms and take action wherever is necessary to stop our rivers, lakes and oceans being impacted so dramatically by pesticides, fertilizers, slurry and general run-off. The fact that the Environment Agency are now recruiting large numbers of new farm inspectors is a significant sign that our voice is being heard. There is still a huge amount of work to be done and we have yet to hear the detail of how these staff will be deployed, but we should celebrate these little victories and I would personally like to thank every angler who has signed the petition, bought a T-Shirt, joined the Trust or supported the campaign in any way. Together we are making a difference, we mustn’t stop now, we must push harder. We appreciate the support River Action and Salmon & Trout Conservation have given the AAP campaign and that they have backed our calls for greater resource for enforcement – together we can build strong coalitions and demand more change.

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