AT Masters Championship 2021 Report

Sunday 22nd August saw the Angling Trust Masters held on the Glebe. Due to conflicts with other big matches, there were only had 6 teams of 6 anglers competing.
Two sections were on lake 1, with the other sections on lakes 4, 5 ,6 & 7. However, upon arrival at lake 7, the anglers spotted an issue with a oxygen crash and this is why the weights are low on this lake. Plus the aerators stayed on for the match.
It was Team Daiwa who made it a well-deserved team win for the second successive year and they also had Tom Edwards win the match outright with a brilliant 264lb 12oz from peg 86 on lake 6. Team Daiwa recorded 3 section wins, 2 seconds and 1 third to record 10 points.
Mallory Pink did push Team Daiwa close with 11 points (2 section wins, 3 seconds and 1 third).
Third was The Pellet Guys/Tom Thick Baits with 16 points.
With Mallory Team Blue finishing fourth with 25 points, Franky’s Friends 5 with 31 points and Team Gosling finishing 6th with 36 points.
The match also saw some great individual weights. Here are the top weights on the day :-
First = Tom Edwards Team Daiwa 264lb 12oz peg 86, lake 6.
Second = Lee Farmer The Pellet Guys/Tom Thick Baits 208lb 6oz peg 82, lake 5.
Third = Pete Caton Team Daiwa 192lb 4oz peg 85, lake 5.
Fourth = Jimmy Fowkes Team Daiwa 190lb peg 70, lake 4.
Fifth = Simon Skelton Team Daiwa 184lb 6oz peg 22, lake 1.
Sixth = Andrew Williams Mallory Team Pink 184lb 4oz peg 24, lake 1.
Seventh = Andy Kinder Malloy Team Pink 184lb 1oz peg 15, lake 1.
Eight = Andy Findlay Mallory Team Pink 181lb 12oz peg 88, lake 6.
Weigh sheets are attached along with a photo of the worthy winners.
Thank you to all the anglers fishing  in the match for your support and ensuring there were plenty of prizes to place in the raffle.
Thank you to Roy Marlow at Mallory Park Fisheries for once again organising a wonderful match & providing the report & photos.
Also a big thanks to Ken Evans for helping to run this match and ensuring this ran smoothly.

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