Waves of Change: Anglers Against Litter strengthens in Sea Angling

The Angling Trust has received funding to install 50 Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) bins at sea fishing marks across England as part of its flagship Anglers Against Litter campaign. The campaign to date has supported thousands of anglers across the country to reduce litter. 

Fishing line and other gear is a leading cause of marine pollution where it can entangle wildlife and damages habitats. It is estimated that it takes 600 years for heavy monofilament line to degrade in landfill. The installation of these pipe bins will provide sea anglers with more opportunity to responsibly recycle their old fishing line and spools. 

Anglers Against Litter has proven highly successful in the freshwater environment and has showcased anglers as key environmental stewards. Through this project the Angling Trust will  be recruiting 10 marine ambassadors across England who will champion anti-litter behaviour, organise beach cleans and assist with installing the pipe bins within their designated district. A series of videos will also be produced to support the campaign and to encourage anglers to get involved. This funding  will strengthen the Angling Trust’s work on tackling litter in marine environments, providing new legacy resources and volunteering opportunities for the  sea angling community. 

The Angling Trust will be releasing more information on this project in the next few weeks, but if you are interested in volunteering, or hosting a line recycling scheme then please visit our Anglers Against Litter website. 

Emily Smith, Environment Manager for the Angling Trust said “Our oceans and beaches often act as sinks for litter, with huge negative implications for the environment. We welcome the opportunity to increase the efforts of our Anglers Against Litter campaign and provide valuable resources and training to the sea angling community. By working together, we can help to increase awareness on this important issue, and reduce the amount of litter that is entering our seas”.  

Hannah Rudd, Policy & Advocacy Manager for the Angling Trust said “Thanks to this funding we are able to strengthen the Anglers Against Litter campaign in the marine environment and provide access for sea anglers to recycle their line and spools. Marine plastic pollution can have devastating effects on the ocean that we all love, and sea anglers can play a huge role in preventing it from harming wildlife. This is only just the beginning, and I am looking forward to expanding Anglers Against Litter in the marine environment even further in the future.” 

The funding for this project was provided by the MMO through the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme.  

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