Admiralty Pier: Open for Fishing in 2022

Angling Trust and Dover Sea Angling Association win campaign to see fishing resume

Dover Sea Angling Association, supported by the Angling Trust, have secured the reopening of the Admiralty Pier for fishing. The Association and the Trust are working closely with the Dover Harbour Board to see its return in early 2022.

Richard Yates, Chairman of Dover Sea Angling Association, said:

“Fishing from this pier has been a vital part of Dover’s history for more than 100 years. It was devastating to lose it, first due to Covid restrictions and then because of security concerns at the harbour.

“Thanks to the support of many anglers and the people of Dover we have been able to show that fishing is possible while meeting the Harbour Board’s concerns over security. I’m delighted the Harbour Board have come to the same view and fishing will be back in 2022.

“I’d like to thank the Dover Harbour for the constructive, cooperative and professional way they have responded to our concerns. Through being able to sit together and explore each other’s points of view, we have been able to find a way forward.”

Dover Sea Angling Association are working with the Harbour Board on the details of how anglers can return to fishing from the pier, including some extra security measures that will be put in place, and will continue to manage access to the pier for fishing. They will be publishing more details in due course.

Stuart Singleton-White, Head of Campaigns at the Angling Trust, said:

“This is a fantastic outcome. Admiralty Pier is an iconic venue for sea angling and has a special place in the heart of many sea anglers.

“We’ve been delighted to support the guys in Dover in their efforts to see fishing return. Hats off to the Harbour Board who listened, were open to suggestions, and worked so constructively to help find a solution that worked for everyone.”

Doug Bannister, CEO of the Port of Dover, said:

“It has been a complex process and one that needed to satisfactorily address the Port’s genuine heightened security needs. What I am so pleased about is that all parties have engaged in this process in the true spirit of cooperation and understanding, which has enabled us to find a solution that works for everyone. I’m truly delighted we have been able to do so and thank all those who have helped make it happen.”

Before the announcement, we caught up with Richard Yates, from Dover Sea Angling Association, who thanked the Angling Trust for our support in trying to reach an amicable solution and restore angling to the pier. Watch the video here:



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