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Social Prescribing Project Tackling Minds becomes latest Get Fishing for Wellbeing Approved Partner 

Pioneering fishing group joins collective of partners championing highest professional standards

Fishing group ‘Tackling Minds’, one of the first pilots for NHS social prescribing in 2020, has joined a collective of approved partners working together as part of the Get Fishing for Wellbeing project.

There are now 20 approved partners in the Angling Trust’s Get Fishing for Wellbeing project, each meeting the ‘approved standard’ for operational delivery as part of the emerging social prescribing community.

The Angling Trust works with each partner in regions across the UK to provide toolkits, support and guidance in building connections with local and national Health Service Professionals and Community Link Workers.

The Angling Trust’s Approved Partners cheme is a platform dedicated to championing the collective and individual success stories to raise the profile of fishing in the National Social Prescribing Network while overseeing standards in this expanding area. It also houses a resource hub that can be used to educate and demonstrate the impact of fishing as a socially prescribed activity.

Dean Asplin, Regional Development Manager and wellbeing lead at the Angling Trust said: “By welcoming the Tackling Minds team onboard as an approved partner we can not only commit to championing their ongoing success but will work closely with them and other approved partners to share best practice to continually improve the work we’re doing.

Through this we can build consistent opportunities for angling to be prescribed as an activity which perfectly fits with many of the requirements that benefit people with mental health and wellbeing needs.”

Tackling Minds was founded by Dave Lyons during the pandemic as a fishing group promoting benefits for mental health. The Angling Trust saw the value in the work and approached early on to offer its support in its development, developing momentum in establishing links with NHS and mental health groups.

Founder Dave Lyons, who has been a long-standing advocate of fishing for wellbeing due to personal experience, said:Tackling Minds is thrilled to be an ‘Approved Partner’ of the Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing For Wellbeing’ project.

“The Angling Trust have been paramount in the early success of Tackling Minds and continue to be of great support moving forward.

“It’s great to see the Angling Trust are championing organisations like Tackling Minds, who are using the many benefits of angling to connect people in a less conventional way of relieving mental and physical health conditions.

“The Angling Trust’s Get Fishing For Wellbeing’ website is a great central resource hub which provides Health Service Professionals and Community Link Workers opportunities for fishing to be prescribed as an activity for a wide range of mental and physical health conditions.

“Being recognised as an ‘Approved Partner’ by the National Governing Body for the sport of angling, the Angling Trust, highlights to Health Service Professionals and Community Link Workers that our organisation is delivering to the highest professional standard.

The fishing group is also pioneering scientific research into the links between fishing and mental health to further demonstrate the sport’s impact.

For more information on the Get Fishing for Wellbeing project visit


Contact for this news article: Katy Davies: [email protected]

Watch Tackling Minds at Tackling Minds At The Angling Trust and Environment Agency Mental Health Day

About Get Fishing for Wellbeing:

Anyone who has been fishing will know how beneficial angling is at boosting mental health and wellbeing. A new section of the Angling Trust website offers advice and resources on how to start fishing and find mental health support – it’s not only for the angling community though – we want to help any organisation working with people who would benefit from bringing angling into its offer so that the positive effects of going fishing spread further among caregiving networks.


About Tackling Minds:
Formed in 2020, Tackling Minds has quickly become established as a trusted provider of angling events within the UK and offers support to people from all walks of life that are struggling with a range of issues: Mental Health, Social Deprivation, Addiction, Long-term Health Conditions, Disabilities, Family Turmoil.

Instagram: @tackling.minds
Twitter: @Tackling_Minds
Contact Person: David Lyons
Email: [email protected]

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