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Angling Trust welcomes government’s support for international treaty to tackle plastic pollution

The Angling Trust welcomes the government’s backing for a legally binding treaty on plastic pollution. The treaty’s terms are still to be negotiated but could include targets that remove plastic from the environment and tackle the entire lifecycle of plastics, from production through to disposal.

The UK provided their support at the United Nations Environment Assembly to kickstart a new international treaty on plastic pollution. Although this presents a positive first step, it marks the beginning of a long process to agree on the targets. We call for the UK government to take the lead to ensure ambitious commitments are set that reduce our reliance on single-use plastic and encourage greater uptake of biodegradable alternatives.

This treaty does not give the government two years to negotiate a global agreement and do nothing else. They must show leadership through action. They need to build upon current proposals to ban certain single-use plastic, commit to developing deposit return schemes and come forward with progressive plans that address the current ‘throw away’ culture and wean us off single-use plastic.

Dr Emily Smith, Environment Manager at the Angling Trust, said:

“It is great to see the government recognise the devastating impact plastic pollution has on our rivers and oceans. This global issue requires an international response if we are to bring about the fundamental change that reverses reliance on single-use plastic. This treaty presents a positive step, but it is only the beginning. The government needs to lead by example and act now to implement measures that support responsible consumer behaviour and put greater responsibility on producers to adopt sustainable alternatives.”

The Angling Trust called for the government to undertake more action to tackle plastic pollution in our latest consultation response. We will continue to press for greater commitments on plastic through our Anglers Against Litter campaign.

Join the Angling Trust and pledge your support on our Anglers Against Litter web page.

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