Bluefin Tuna CHART 2022 Open for Applicants

On Monday 23rd May 2022, applications for the 2022 English CHART (CatcH and Release) programme for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna opened.

The application process will run from 23rd May until 6th June at 17:00 BST, after which there will be a period of two weeks while the applications are evaluated, and decisions are taken.

If you are interested in applying for CHART 2022, please email [email protected] and include your name and ‘CHART application request’ in the subject line.

All completed applications will receive an e-mail confirmation from Cefas to acknowledge receipt, so if you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation, please follow up with Cefas to check the status of your application.

The Angling Trust and Bluefin Tuna UK are not involved in the application process. Any questions regarding the programme and/or applications should be direct to Cefas.

Steve Murphy of Bluefin Tuna UK said, “The English programme has been increased to 25 vessels for 2022 from 15 last year. The results from the 2021 programme that we were instrumental in designing exceeded pretty much all expectations and illustrated the potential of a fully-fledged recreational fishery. We hope that the further evidence gathered in English CHART 2022 will illustrate beyond doubt the World Class nature of a recreational Live Release Bluefin Tuna Fishery in our waters.”

Hannah Rudd of Angling Trust said, “We’re delighted to share that CHART has been given the go-ahead for 2022 and that applications are now open. Last year demonstrated the huge potential for a recreational live-release bluefin tuna fishery in our waters after a successful first year of the CHART programme. The Angling Trust hopes this second phase of CHART provides even further evidence for a live-release bluefin tuna fishery in 2023. We extend our thanks to the team at Bluefin Tuna UK, led by Steve, who have worked tirelessly to develop a scientifically-sound programme that promotes best practice and puts anglers and skippers at its heart.”

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