Wey Valley Disabled AA’s Keith Hutson (Match Secretary), Dave Phillips (Secretary), and Mick Fletcher (Chairman).

A group of kind-hearted anglers from the Wey Valley Disabled AA have delivered a huge boost to the nation’s future World Champs success by donating over £7,500 to the England Disabled team.

The squad, which has just returned from a tough international event on the Szeged Rowing Course, in Hungary, will use the money to help them compete at the highest level in 2023 and beyond.

Way Valley Disabled Angling Association secretary, Dave Phillips, said: “It’s a cause which is very dear to our hearts. Our club has produced anglers who have fished for England in the World Championships, and I have fished at Home International level myself, and we’re proud of that.

“We also know it has always been a struggle to find finances for disabled anglers and teams, right back to the National Federation of Anglers days, so the committee unanimously voted that this would be the best place to donate to the fund to.”

The funding comes as the club, which formed in 1986, winds up their activities and Dave reckons that they have made huge progress in getting more facilities created and has increased the opportunities for disabled anglers to fish.

“We’ve been promoting and assisting disabled anglers for over 30 years and have worked with local fisheries to promote access and run weekly matches, which we feel has been very successful.”

Angling Trust Team England Disabled manager, John Weeden, was overwhelmed by the generosity of the donation, and revealed the funding will be wide reaching.

“It’s simply wonderful!” said John. “This means so much to us as without this kind of support, we simply could not compete.

“We don’t get government funding so have to raise money to compete via matches and raffles throughout the year and rely on lots of help from good friends.

“We’re more than just a group of anglers, we travel with helpers and carers too, and they are fundamental to our fishing as they get us to where we need to fish and support our preparation.

“The whole squad are so very grateful of the support from Wey Valley Disabled Anglers Association as their help will see us back on the bank in 2023.”



  • If you would like to support the Angling Trust Team England Disabled squad for future events, please contact Steve Fitzpatrick, Head of Competitions, via email – [email protected]

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