Anglers Against Pollution

Anglers Against Pollution monitoring campaign growing fast!

Angling Trust pollution monitoring initiative smashes targets and receives huge support from angling clubs right round the country.

When we launched our Anglers Against Pollution Water Quality Monitoring Network just four months ago, we hoped for a steady take up of angling clubs and volunteers willing to take and test regular water quality samples using equipment supplied through the scheme. In the first instance we hoped to get around six clubs involved on our River Severn pilot. However, the response to the scheme has been amazing and since May 2022 we have been inundated by clubs enquiring and wanting to get involved.

We now have over 50 clubs and 120 volunteers signed up across 23 rivers nationwide which is an amazing response and means we have been procuring, packing and posting out our “Big Yellow Boxes” of monitoring equipment as fast as possible from our office in Leominster to try to cope with the demand.

The initiative is supported financially by Orvis UK and APTUS tackle and the “Big Yellow Boxes” are supplied by Flambeau Outdoors.

Funding for this initiative also comes from our Trade Associate members and through our fundraising raffle and Auction.

The “Big Yellow Boxes” containing monitoring equipment ready to be dispatched from our office

To see how the kit is being used by volunteers, our  Policy Chief  Martin Salter joined Steve Reed from Twyford & District FC on the banks of the River Loddon near Reading to take a monthly water sample

“Joining the Water Quality Monitoring Project gives Twyford and District Fishing Club the opportunity to contribute to national data gathering and support the wider campaign for improving water quality. Involvement in the project is also providing us with local data to better understand the quality of water in our club rivers and also provides an early warning system for incidents of pollution.

“The Angling Trust have been very helpful in providing the support and materials needed to get started and carrying out the tests and recording data has been very straightforward. I think the project gives clubs a great opportunity to provide the data needed to push for national improvements in river quality. ”

Martin Salter said:

“It’s great to see anglers getting involved in monitoring the health of our precious rivers. I’m afraid it’s difficult to trust some of the official figures that are banded about these days, particularly from the now discredited ‘operator self monitoring’ regime used in the water industry. I’m hoping more angling clubs will follow in the steps of Twyford and help us create an evidence-based case for demanding radical improvements in what can and cannot be discharged into watercourses.”

For more information about the scheme and to find out how you can support Anglers Against Pollution just click here

If you support the work we do then please join the Angling Trust – memberships are available for Individuals, Clubs, Fisheries, Organisations and Trade.


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