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My Mum, My Hero – Marina Gibson Angling Trust Ambassador spends #TimeTogether with fishing Mum, Jo Gibson

Fishing runs in the family & through my veins. My mum was 8 months pregnant when she cast a line on a Scottish river, hoping she’d connect to an Atlantic salmon one last time before I came along.
Angling Trust Ambassador Marina Gibson – The Northern Fishing School

Marina Gibson is an Ambassador for Angling Trust and Atlantic Salmon Trust – her parents taught her and her brother how to fish when she was only about five – it was her mother Joanna’s passion for fishing that has led to a life dedicated to angling and one which Marina has used to bring as many people into contact with nature and the outdoor experience as possible.

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For the whole of this October 2022, the Angling Trust is supporting Women in Sport UK’s #TimeTogether campaign that encourages mums/mother figures and daughters to discover where they belong in sport, whilst supporting them to develop their relationship with each other, and with exercise.

#TimeTogether helps break down barriers to participation by offering accessible ways to try out new activities in supportive environments. Marina said:

“I first picked up a fly rod when I was 5 years old, and when people ask me if it was my father or grandfather who got me into fishing, my answer is, “no, my mother“, they’re always somewhat surprised, some even shocked.”

Marina’s mum, Jo has helped her to experience different fish and types of fishing all over the world and Marina adds:

“I count myself very lucky to experience such magnificent places with her! My whole family loves fishing, but it was my mother who really inspired me, I grew up watching her cast down a salmon pool with finesse and style and I remember her catching fish with ease and proving time and time again that fishing is not like a Yorkie Bar, it’s not just for men!”

Get Fishing | Marina Gibson - My Mum My Hereo - 2

Fishing is the ideal way to spend time with family and because it can be a “quick-hit” activity, you can go fishing for an hour or spend longer if you like. In 2019 Marina launched The Northern Fishing School at the Swinton Estate, North Yorkshire. The school – run by Marina and her team of qualified fly fishing guides – lets people of all ages and abilities come and discover the wonders and techniques of fishing, with a wide range of fly fishing activities for all ages, including sessions for school children – which are great fun!

Get Fishing | Marina Fishing

Find Marina:
The Northern Fishing school:

Watch the Orvis UK video: and Marina’s playlist with fishing tips for beginners at

Get Fishing Campaign
Get Fishing is the Angling Trust’s campaign to get more people fishing more often. Each year we run hundreds of accessible, inclusive events for all ages and abilities. They are funded by the Environment Agency from fishing licence income.
Find out more at:

Get Fishing Events
Want to give fishing a go? Find out where to go fishing at beginner angling events. Get into fishing, with info on accessible venues, who to go fishing with, tackle to use to start fishing and how to go fishing for the first time.
Find out more at:

Get Fishing For Wellbeing
Fishing can be prescribed to help physical and mental health and wellbeing issues. Get Fishing for Wellbeing Approved Partners use quality assured angling services to treat symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, loneliness social isolation and many long-term conditions.
Find out more at:

#TimeTogether and Women in Sport
The #TimeTogether campaign will be running throughout October.
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Did you know…

  • 6 out of 10 teenage girls are not meeting the physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes activity per day.
  • 1.3 million teenage girls opt out of sport when transitioning from primary to secondary school.
  • 48% of girls tell us their mum encourages and supports them to be active

The Get Fishing campaign to get more people fishing more often is funded by the Environment Agency from fishing licence income as part of the National Angling Strategic Services contract with the Angling Trust, and Sport England. Children under 13 do not need a licence, and licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free but you still need to register and receive a licence in order to go fishing. You can get a licence for the full year, for 8 days (ideal for holidays!) or just a day’s fishing.

NOTE: Although young children who are under 13 year old do not need a licence to fish, the person supervising them needs the proper fishing licence to take hold of the rod or to help the child fish with it.


The Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing’ campaign is proudly supported by
Shakespeare, Exclusive Tackle Partner and Angling Direct, Exclusive Retail Partner
as we all work towards getting more people fishing, more often.



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