Angling Trust & Shark Hub UK Represented at World’s Biggest Shark Conference

Last week, representatives from the Angling Trust and Shark Hub UK attended the world’s largest conference focused on sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras. Sharks International takes place every four years and brings together scientists, conservationists, policymakers, and advocates working on elasmobranchs around the world.

Dr Georgia Jones, Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University and co-founder of Shark Hub UK, presented results from the shark angler survey conducted in 2021. In March 2021, Dr Jones and Dr Bryce Stewart from the University of York hosted an Angling Trust forum on porbeagle and recreational shark anglers, introducing the survey study. The survey received 170 responses from all over the UK and Ireland, and preliminary analyses have revealed significant differences in how different shark species are fished, and very positively, that most respondents are following best-practice handling advice, especially for the larger species. Thanks to the participation of shark anglers across the country who made this work possible, there is plenty more to come out of this survey, so keep looking for updates on our website and social media. Part of the Shark Hub UK ethos is that we share results with the angling community, and so Dr Jones decided to share the same presentation recording that was used at the conference via Shark Hub UK social media. The presentation is available to view here.

Hannah Rudd, Policy & Advocacy Manager at the Angling Trust and co-founder of Shark Hub UK, presented an academic poster on the Shark Hub UK model of anglers and scientists working together as equals, which included a summary of the collaborative groups’ work so far. From advocating best practices to contributing data to the regional fisheries management organisation, ICCAT, it is clear that the group has achieved a significant amount in its short one-year history. Hannah’s poster is available to view here.

Hannah Rudd said, “It was fantastic to attend this conference and champion the great contribution recreational shark anglers and skippers make to shark science and conservation here in the UK. Thank you to the Angling Trust, Shark Hub UK, the Pat Smith Database and Shark Angling Club of Great Britain for their ongoing support, and of course, to the anglers and skippers who make our work possible. Your knowledge, expertise and guidance are so valuable on these species, and we look forward to continuing to work with the community on best practices and data collection to learn more about these species and support the sustainability of the sector moving forward.”

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