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A journey spreading kindness for Men’s Mental Health – fishing (…and now football!) with JourneyMAN CIC in Merseyside

Darren Birch at the Angling Trust describes the community partnership work happening with the North West Angling Academy and Journey Men CIC in Merseyside.

Recently, while working on event delivery with the North West Angling Association, I met an organisation they partner with called JourneyMEN CIC.

Each week, Anne and Des at JourneyMEN CIC activate a number of social activities for men’s mental health, including weekly sea fishing and coaching in sea angling on the River Mersey, plus things like walking and talking, or ‘mood walking’, and meeting for a warm drink plus importantly, One-to-One personal support. This is a great opportunity for men in the local community to share time together and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits that spending time fishing bring. The project helps reduce social isolation and loneliness and can rehabilitate people who have been ill with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC

JourneyMEN CIC run a number of weekly social activities for men’s mental health on the Wirral

Des, (pictured – main image) and Ann deliver Level 2 Coaching with the belief in the potential of anyone suffering with mental health issues. The kindness shown means every man who goes on a journey with JourneyMen CIC gets a tailored approach to enjoy social activities like sea fishing but also personal support.

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC

Fishing with JourneyMEN

JourneyMEN are working with many local professional organisations like the North West Angling Academy so that men receive the specialist care that they deserve tailored to each individual.

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC

There are some brilliant local fishing spots on the Mersey

JourneyMEN’s mission is to save and rebuild men’s lives that would otherwise be lost in a mental health crisis. They recommend people get active and get healthy both physically and mentally and have seen that regular physical activity has many benefits for both physical and mental well-being. This can be going for a walk, jog or run, a swim at local swimming baths and even going fishing!

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC

A famous skyline… and fishing!

They say:

“Too often men in mental health crises find it difficult to access local service provision that meets their individual need in a timely manner. In many cases the consequence of falling through gaps in service provision leads to overstretched A&E departments and the criminal justice system picking up the pieces – resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes for men and immense cost within the health and judicial systems. In the most tragic cases the cost can be counted in lives lost to death by suicide. At JourneyMEN we are on a mission to change that.”
Recreational activities are so often key in our men’s wellbeing and we are collaborating with a number of community organisations like Wirral Environment Network and Tranmere Rovers for walking football, gardening, sea fishing and many other social activities.

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC


UPDATE: At the moment, during the World Cup JourneyMEN will be offering Chit & Chat sessions in its main office in Birkenhead so that everyone can watch the England matches with the comfort of its sofas with biscuits and brews! If want to attend any of the various JourneyMEN events check out their social media for details and drop them an email or call 0151 792 9159.

Get Fishing | JourneyMEN CIC

Smiles all round with fishing and JourneyMEN!


Darren Birch, Regional Angling Development Officer, North West England

JourneyMEN CIC can be contacted via its website at or

North West Angling Academy can be contacted via 



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