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Get Fishing for Wellbeing South

Trail Blazers Education – Kent

At Trail Blazers Education we aim to use fishing as a tool to teach young people the important life skills that will transfer into both the classroom and wider world. Fishing’s repetitive nature offers comfort through routine. For young people facing unpredictable challenges, the familiar rhythm of casting and reeling can provide a sense of stability and control, reducing feelings of anxiety.

At Trail Blazers Education we facilitate learner-led opportunities & projects by supporting intrinsic motivation for long- term positive growth for our young people. We aim to promote growth of the whole person holistically to become independent, resilient and reflective learners. We support better mental and physical health and well-being. We provide a nurturing environment where learners are in a calm, welcoming and inclusive community.

High Halden| Ashford | Kent | TN26 3JH

Email – [email protected]

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