Recreational Bluefin Tuna Fishery Consultation Launched

Defra have today (Monday 17th July 2023) launched a consultation on  ‘Permitting regimes for the recreational targeting of bluefin tuna in UK waters’. The consultation is open until 4th September 2023. You can view the consultation here:

This is the next step in the development of policy options regarding the establishment of a Catch and Release Recreational Fishery (CRRF).

Last year’s consultation on “Managing Our Quota in 2023 and Beyond” concluded there was support for a CRRF. This new consultation seeks feedback from stakeholders on the proposed regime that would facilitate the required licensing and associated legal and operational aspects of such a recreational fishery.

Representatives from various recreational sea angling bodies, including the Angling Trust and the UKBFTA, worked with Defra throughout April and May regarding some of the detail of this consultation. However, it is vital to note that this is Defra’s consultation document.

Through this new consultation you have an opportunity to provide your thoughts on the Defra proposals. The Angling Trust, and other recreational sea angling bodies such as UKBFTA, will also submit independent responses to the consultation.

In coming weeks we, the Angling Trust and UKBFTA, will be sharing background information on some of the content of the consultation and where it may be of use our views on some of those.

This consultation is your opportunity to shape the future catch and release recreational fishery and have your say on the associated permitting regime.

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