Skates & Rays Fisheries Management Plan Underway – Save the Date & Have Your Say!

Recreational anglers are invited to share their views with the Marine Management Organisation as part of the Skates and Rays Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) which is currently in development.  

The Skates and Rays Fisheries Management Plan will cover the Southern North Sea and English Channel – a vast and important region for recreational sea angling.  

Skates and rays are recreationally important with the following species being covered by the FMP: 

  • blonde ray   
  • cuckoo ray   
  • small-eyed ray  
  • spotted ray  
  • starry ray  
  • thornback ray  
  • undulate ray   

The Marine Management Organisation are very keen to hear from recreational anglers on their views and concerns for skates and rays in the region, and their aspirations for the fisheries management plan.  

Over the winter there will be a series of engagement workshops held at ports around the English Channel and Southern North Sea. The first series of these events can be found below, and we will keep you updated as more dates are published.  

The Angling Trust are also working with the Marine Management Organisation to offer a series of recreationally focused workshops and an online event to ensure anglers voices are heard throughout the plans’ development. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for dates as they’re confirmed.  

The draft FMP is being prepared by the Marine Management Organisation who can be contacted at [email protected] 

The Angling Trust are represented on the Working Group for the development of the Skates and Rays Fisheries Management Plan and we warmly welcome views and concerns from our membership on priorities for this plan. You can get in touch with us at [email protected]  

Compared with the first round of fisheries management plans – which recently closed for public consultation – the turnaround on this plan is rapid with an expected deadline in spring 2024 for the draft to be finalised before going to public consultation. 

At the same time, the Southern North Sea Non-Quota Species Fisheries Management Plan is also in development with the Marine Management Organisation also eager to hear from recreational anglers as this plan progress too. We will soon publish more on this plan and the species it covers. 

You can learn more about fisheries management plans here. 

As recreational sea anglers, it’s essential to stay informed and engaged in matters that directly impact the health of our ocean and the future of our sport. The Angling Trust is committed to fighting for fish, fishing and the environment.  

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