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Angling Trust announce new trade partnership with The Insurance Emporium

The Angling Trust are pleased to announce that award-winning insurer The Insurance Emporium have joined the Trust as Trade Associate partners.

As part of the agreement, The Insurance Emporium will support the vital campaigning work of the Trust to protect rivers, lakes and seas for the benefit of fish and fishing, and our work to encourage more people to take up fishing for the benefit of their health and mental wellbeing.

The Insurance Emporium have a UK-based contact centre and their Fishing Tackle Insurance is trusted by anglers all over the country.

Francis Martin, CEO of The Insurance Emporium commented:

“We’re beyond thrilled to be joining the Angling Trust as a Trade Associate Member. We have a passion for angling, and we’re looking forward to supporting the angling community thanks to our new partnership.”

John Cheyne, Angling Trust’s Head of Marketing, Membership & Communications, said:

“We are delighted to welcome The Insurance Emporium as Trade Associate members. It is important for the Angling Trust to form strong links with all areas of the angling trade and services, and it is clear that The Insurance Emporium support the work we do for fish and fishing. Likewise, we appreciate the service that The Insurance Emporium provide for anglers of all disciplines, be that coarse, match, fly, lure, game or sea.”

The Insurance Emporium is based in Thorpe Underwood, York and has over 90 years’ experience in the insurance industry. During that time, it has helped bring certainty and security to many UK residents by protecting the things that really matter to them.

In addition to fishing equipment, customers benefit from comprehensive cover on insurance products such as pets, caravans, horses and trailers, camera equipment, and more.

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