Angling Trust

Three Voluntary Directors elected at AGM

The Angling Trust provides its members the opportunity to vote on a number of voluntary director roles with individuals serving a three-year term as part of the Angling Trust board.

There were three vacancies this year, the first a specialist role focused on welfare and safety. This is a critical role of the National Governing Body (NGB) in every sport which requires specialist knowledge and experience. The membership voted Brendan Tonks on to the board to fulfil this role.

There were two further vacancies with an excellent shortlist of candidates. The membership voted for Bev Clifford and Neville Fickling to join the board. Neville will be serving his second term having been voted on to the board initially in 2020. Bev is a new addition to the Angling Trust board and all three successful candidates were warmly welcomed.

In addition, the Annual General Meeting welcomed the newly appointed Angling Trust Chair Eric Prescott who ran the meeting and took questions from the floor. For more information on Eric or any of the other volunteer directors click here.

Finally, the Angling Trust board wished to thank Tim Macpherson as he stepped down from his third term as a volunteer on the Angling Trust board. Tim provided specialist insight into the sea angling community and chaired the Marine Advisory Group of anglers from across the country. Tim will be made an Honorary Vice President in recognition of his commitment and support.

Brendan Tonks

Bev Clifford

Neville Fickling

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