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Are you ready for 2024?

Anyone who fishes knows the angling marketplace is always full of fresh ideas, new gadgets and general ‘must haves’. So, as we enter 2024, we’ve taken a look at one or two items a little closer to our own ‘home’ that reflect the more sustainable options for you on the bankside and the planet in general.

With the Christmas gifting season now over, that new year overhaul of the tackle box is solely up to you. “And thank goodness for that!” we hear you cry!

Yes, as anglers, we all know that those who don’t fish aren’t always ‘in the know‘ when buying for a piscatorial friend or relation. So to those who spent Christmas morning opening angling gifts from a well intentioned donor, offering a sweet smile of thanks before silently whispering; “I’m never going to use/wear THAT”, you have our sympathy. (If the truth be known, we’re secretly glad it was you not us.)

So, by way of counter balance and a nod towards knowledgeable preparation for the new angling year, we’ve highlighted below a couple of websites – one our own, the other a valued, environmentally friendly partner – where the products (we think) uphold user integrity AND contribute to the overall development of sustainable and highly usable products. In short, the type of stuff you could have accepted with authentic grace and genuine excitement after clearing up the half eaten carrots for the reindeer and the mince pies and milk for Santa. (He always drinks single malt when he comes to us…)

Now it’s stating the obvious to say that all anglers use fishing line. But when you look at the material on your reel, or on that new spool you’ve just bought, what do you see? Those running the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme will tell you there’s a pair of sunglasses hidden in that mono or fluorocarbon or even a rod stand!  They’re entirely constructed using old fishing line, commercial net debris and/or recycled fishing plastics. Such materials are collected in bins situated at strategic points around the country or sent to ANLRS through the post.


Manufactured by DNA Baits, the frames of these Italian glass lenses are made from a blend of recycled monofilament and commercial fishing nets collected by the ANLRS. The lenses are of such high quality that ANLRS say their performance matches that of glasses 3 times the price.

The medium brown tint and light mirrored lens performs in all light conditions and stand up to the toughest scrutiny for all aspects of angling including match fishing, fly fishing, carping, general pleasure angling or when out on the waves.

Rod Stand

Ok, so this probably won’t make it into your front room, but for those with a series of regularly used rods that it doesn’t make sense to break down after every session, a tackle room, shed or garage will be much the better for a product that’s genuinely unique every time it’s made.

The fact this rod stand is produced from a mixture of recycled mono, commercial net debris and ‘river clean’ plastics means each and every stand is unique in its colouration and pattern. It will hold 20 rods and arrives flat-packed with all fixings and instructions. If you’re a tackle shop owner, they’ll also provide a perfect talking point within any display.

The ANLRS website also displays other environmentally friendly items such as the Monomaster Bundle which includes a handy gadget for saving all those offcuts, old hook lengths, tippets and tag ends when out fishing.

ANLRS co-ordinator Viv Shears says anyone making any purchases from their website will be helping a scheme that’s catching on fast:

“Our 6th anniversary is in March and we should break the barrier of a hundred million metres of line collected. We take fly line and braid too and we’ve now got around 370 tackle shops with bins in store, around 170 fisheries and angling clubs with bins on their venues or in their lodges and around 80 coastal bins up and down the country which take sea fishing tackle.”

On the fashion front, anglers are always hankering for stylish, activity-friendly garments that will ensure warmth and comfort whenever they’re at the waterside and as each year passes it seems there’s increasing popularity amongst the fishing community for stuff that shows support for environmental causes.

The Angling Trust campaigns to promote the fight against pollution or the furthering of wider environmental projects to protect fish, general wildlife and the water they depend on, are all supported when a garment from the Angling Trust’s online shop is purchased.

All funds raised by from their sale is re-invested in the work to protect and promote angling and the places we fish. Each garment is produced using sustainably sourced fabrics and environmentally friendly printing methods. You can choose from easy-to-wear T-shirts, polos, hoodies fleeces or headwear so purchase and receive and you’ll automatically be giving something back.

“When one of our Anglers Against Pollution garments is bought and worn, the benefits are two-fold,” says Angling Trust Head of Marketing, John Cheyne. “Firstly, the wearer is out telling the world that anglers care passionately about the places we fish and are willing to fight to keep them clean and healthy.  Secondly, all the profit we make from products in our shop is re-invested in our campaigning work to fight pollution and protect our rivers, lakes and oceans.

“Our supplier is a pioneer in bringing sustainable digital garment printing into the mainstream through the use of ‘Greenprinted’ technology that is far kinder to the environment than traditional screen printing. They are a British business and their factory is based here in the UK and is entirely powered by energy from renewable sources. The hoodies, T-shirts and caps are all top quality and manufactured to last. Wear them with pride.”

Ok, so you’re (theoretically at least) all kitted out with your monofilament sunglasses, and your sustainably produced hoodie, what else do you need? Well, it would be remiss of us not to remind each and every angler of the one item we all require. “All the gear, no licence” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue but you get the drift.

Please make sure that in 2024 your fishing trips chasing coarse fish, non-migratory trout, eel, salmon and sea trout are suitably covered by a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. Children under 13 don’t need a licence, those between 13 and 16 can get there’s free but they need to have one.

All money raised from fishing rod licence sales goes to fund the work to protect and improve fisheries and support the sport of angling and be aware, there’s a potential fine of up to £2,500 if you’re caught without one.

So with appropriate licence to hand, here’s hoping that 2024 turns out to be a landmark year for you, your angling and our sport in general. If it is, we also hope you’ll adorn it with a sustainable and responsible approach that’s in keeping with what nature intended.

Happy New Year!

oh, P.S…..

Don’t forget to check out those Angling Trust’s environmental campaigns such as Anglers Against Litter and Anglers Against Pollution.

For more information on the Anglers’ National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) click here.

To view the full range of Angling Trust merchandise, click here.


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