Anglers Against Litter

Anyone lost a pair of pants? Five men and a dog sniff out a surprise at Charfield’s festive litter pick

The festive period is usually a time for catching up with friends and family, but for some members of Charfield Angling Association it was also the time to spend a few hours on the riverbank!

Even a dark and miserable morning on Friday 29 December didn’t deter the five club members who made an early start on what was to be their last working party of 2023, but as club secretary Mike Fisher says, “anytime spent on the banks of the Little Avon in South Gloucestershire is always rewarding.”

Charfield Angling Association carry out regular habitat improvements to the river and surrounding environment. However, the river was far too high to risk cutting back summer growth and removing fallen trees from the fast-flowing trout and grayling water, so they decided to put their Angling Trust litter picking kits to good use instead.

The Angling Trust’s Anglers Against Litter campaign is supported by exclusive tackle partner Shimano and the Environment Agency and has provided over 100 angling clubs in England and Wales with litter picking kits in the past two years.

Mike continued: “We split into two groups to cover as much of our water as possible. Between the five of us we accumulated three full bags of litter which was mostly plastic food packets, discarded bottles and dog excrement bags.

“Some of the more interesting and possibly hazardous waste we encountered included a small rubber duck, presumably an escapee from a duck race further upstream, and a pair of Jack Jones underpants for which we were certainly glad of the tongs from our kit!”

The rain finally abated by lunchtime, so the litter pickers made their way back to their cars to enjoy a rare glimpse of sunshine, something that had been sadly missing for the last few months.

Mike added: “The five of us enjoyed hot drinks, mince pies and home-made Christmas cake. A nice end to 2023, it always makes you feel better getting some fresh air and giving something back to the river.”

Well done to Mike and the rest of the team!

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