Anglers Against Pollution

Raw sewage in rivers: Angling Trust supports blocking bonuses for water company bosses

The Angling Trust acknowledges and appreciates the Labour Party’s commitment to addressing the critical issue of illegal raw sewage dumping in the UK’s waterways. We firmly believe in holding water company executives personally accountable for any involvement in illegal sewage discharges.

The figures provided by the Labour Party regarding bonuses awarded to water company executives since the 2019 election are eye-watering. The Angling Trust supports measures to block bonuses for those overseeing illegal sewage dumping as we believe that financial consequences for such actions are crucial to fostering responsibility and accountability within the water industry.

Placing water companies in “special measures” and stripping them of self-monitoring powers are bold steps that underscore the seriousness of the issue at hand.

The Angling Trust also encourages further exploration of the revolving door relationship between regulatory bodies, and the water companies, to ensure impartial oversight and prevent any conflicts of interest.

We look forward to reviewing bold and ambitious goals from all political parties to finally bring water pollution under control. The Angling Trust remains dedicated to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve a sustainable and healthy environment for anglers and waterways.

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