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Fishing gives me focus, time to think and soak in my surroundings. I absolutely love it! – Lexie Groves, 14 and her angling pathway to Team England

Lexie Groves has been fishing since she was 9 years old. The last three years Lexie had a string of successes in sea angling competitions – sometimes being the only junior competing against adults, and even being picked to fish for England and achieving gold medal winning success! Now (at just 14!) Lexie has just been selected to compete for the England Team again – this time at the home nations in Scotland in July and the FIPS-M World shore championships in Ireland!

We caught up with Lexie to find out about her angling journey so far and what it is she loves about fishing:

How did you get into fishing?

My dad works as a firefighter, so he wanted to find a hobby to do during both day and night so started sea fishing. I quickly kept pestering him to take me with him which he did. I loved it from the start especially catching some big fish on the Bristol channel. We then decided to fish our local league matches and it grew from there, the local and match anglers were very engaging and helpful in giving me advice. I decided to enter bigger competitions and it just progressed from there. I love fishing more and more each day!

⁠⁠Why would you encourage other young people to go fishing?

Going fishing is great hobby to have, being outdoors in the fresh sea air (or sometimes rain and wind) gives you memories and life experience. You get to see the coastal areas of our country and learn about tides, weather etc. and this helped me with my geography in school. Fishing gives you something to look forward to. Even the preparation, preparing your bait, getting tackle setup and so on is all part of the fun. The main thing is catching that big fish for the first time!

What tips would you give someone who just started fishing?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Go to your local angling shop, ask questions and speak to local anglers. Check out the Angling Trust website and social media because the more information you can get on where to fish, the better prepared you’ll be. Also, fish for what you know is there, not what you think might be there.

⁠Does fishing benefit your everyday life?

Last year I was diagnosed with autism and fishing has been a massive coping mechanism for me. Fishing gives me focus, time to think and soak in my surroundings. I absolutely love it! Getting out spending time with other anglers – chatting and having a laugh. People think fishing is a solo sport, but this isn’t the case. I also love spending quality time with my dad, so going fishing with him is the perfect hobby.

What was it like being selected to fish for England?

AMAZING! I am over the moon to be selected again for not only the Home International Team but also the World Championship Team. When I was selected last year I couldn’t believe it, and to go on and win Gold for your country is a feeling I will never forget and made me so proud. I can’t wait to fish with the rest of the team this year and hopefully bring home the Gold again.

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