Anglers Against Litter

The Insurance Emporium casts a line of support for Anglers Against Litter campaign

The Angling Trust is proud to announce that The Insurance Emporium, a leading provider of specialist insurance services, is to become a supporting sponsor of our Anglers Against Litter campaign.

The Insurance Emporium is already a Trade Association member of the Angling Trust, and this extended partnership marks a positive step in both organisations’ commitment to the conservation of the nation’s waterways.

The Insurance Emporium is based in Thorpe Underwood, York, and has over 90 years’ experience in the insurance industry. They have a UK-based contact centre, and their fishing tackle insurance is trusted by anglers all over the country. In addition to fishing equipment, customers benefit from comprehensive cover on insurance products such as pets, caravans, horses and trailers, camera equipment, and more.

The Angling Trust Anglers Against Litter campaign, whose main sponsor is Shimano, is a nationwide initiative dedicated to reducing litter in and around the UK’s rivers, lakes, and seas. Its mission aligns with the values of The Insurance Emporium, which has a long-standing tradition of supporting outdoor and leisure activities while advocating for the responsible stewardship of natural resources.

The support sponsorship along with the main sponsor Shimano, helps provide essential funding and resources to support clean-up operations, educational programmes, and awareness campaigns to reduce litter in aquatic environments.

The campaign provides free litter-picking kits including Anglers Against Litter Hi Vis vests and litter pickers made from recycled fishing nets. The Angling Trust also provides free advice about running a litter pick safely and successfully. Every month we award Shimano Anglers Against Litter Caps to the best social media posts from club litter picks posted using the hashtag #anglersagainstlitter.

Francis Martin, CEO of The Insurance Emporium, commented:

“We’re excited to be joining The Angling Trust’s flagship campaign ‘Anglers Against Litter’ as one of its sponsors. Being based in York, we know all too well the importance of looking after our waterways to help protect local wildlife. More recently we have seen the impact climate change can have on our rivers with regular flooding now synonymous with many areas of the country, including our own. The impact this has can be hugely detrimental to both the people that live there and the wildlife, therefore we want to offer our support to this fantastic campaign and help build on its success in the coming years.”

Ian Latham Managing Director of Shimano UK commented:

“Shimano is delighted to see The Insurance Emporium come on board as part of the Anglers Against Litter family. We are about to move into our third year as the main sponsor of this fantastic campaign, and we never cease to be inspired by the hard work and dedication of the angling volunteers who get involved.”

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust, added:

“The support of The Insurance Emporium is very welcome for our Anglers Against Litter campaign. Their involvement will help us to inspire more people to act against litter and protect our precious waterways for future generations of anglers and wildlife enthusiasts.”

The Insurance Emporium, Shimano, and the Angling Trust invite the angling community to join in their efforts to tackle litter and preserve the natural beauty of the UK’s waters. Together, they aim to foster a culture of respect and responsibility towards the environment, ensuring that the joys of angling can be experienced sustainably for years to come. To apply for a kit just drop an email to: [email protected]

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