ENGLAND manager Mark Downes has selected his squads for the 2024 World and European Championships this week and is looking to build on the success of last year’s events.

In 2023 the squad staged an incredible second day charge which saw them earn team silver and both silver and bronze individual medals at the Worlds in Spain.

Captain William Raison also claimed the individual silver at the 2023 Euros with the team just a couple of fish shy of a bronze medal too.

This year England will travel to our continental neighbours France and The Netherlands for the two big events.

Heading to The Netherlands in June to take on Europe’s best will be England captain William Raison, plus Simon Willsmore, Sean Ashby, James Dent, Matt Godfrey, and Cam Hughes.

William will also lead the team out at the World Championship in Bethune, northern France in September as England look to build on their recent form. The squad will be the same as that which won silver in Spain last year with Steve Hemingray, Sean Ashby, James Dent, Matt Godfrey, and Cam Hughes.

“For the first time in as long as I can remember both the World and Euros are on north western Europe’s canal systems… but both are totally different,” revealed Mark, who will be supported by a team of backroom staff led by Assistant Manager Darran Bickerton.

“The Euros are on the Princess Margaret Canal in the north of Holland near Spannenberg and it looks to be a good venue with skimmers and bream providing the bulk of the catches.

“It’s a little early in the season though, and the fish may not have returned to the venue in large numbers after spawning. Long and short pole will be the only methods here, and the size of bream caught will be the deciding factor.”

The World Champs venue is a little closer to home – just an hour south of Calais – and many of the squad have fished it recently.

“Most of the squad fished the venue at Bethune in last year’s European Sensas Challenge final,” Mark confirmed.

“It was a reasonable venue with bream and skimmers on the long pole determining the main section points, but gobies will also play a part, especially as the week of practice progresses.

“There are many roach here, but they are very difficult to catch. Hopefully with a full week on the venue and an early competition two weeks before, it will give us plenty of time to get the tactics, baits, and feeding sorted.”

With both events close to home Mark is expecting a good turnout of England supporters on the bank at each championships.

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Prinses Margriet Canal, The Netherlands – June 29 & 30

William Raison (Captain)

Sean Ashby

James Dent

Matt Godfrey

Cam Hughes

Simon Willsmore



Bethune, France – September 21 & 22

William Raison (Captain)

Sean Ashby

James Dent

Matt Godfrey

Steve Hemingray

Cam Hughes



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