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Sea angling’s Dave Lewis to become Angling Trust ambassador

Experienced sea angler and fishing all-rounder Dave Lewis has accepted an invitation to become an Angling Trust ambassador and has called for more anglers to become members.

Dave, an angling photojournalist who has been contributing editor of Sea Angler magazine for over 30 years, is saltwater ambassador for Shimano UK and a Pro-Staffer for the American fishing tackle and clothing company AFTCO.

Since the 1990s, Dave has also researched and promoted new sport fishing destinations all around the world, many of which he returns to, hosting trips for groups of anglers on behalf of UK-based Spoilt for Choice Travel.

Dave, a retired full-time firefighter, said:

“I have been a supporter of the Angling Trust for many years, in particular the excellent work they do to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for the sport I love.

“As a sea angler, I feel that more than ever now is the time for all anglers to unite behind the Angling Trust in order to present a united front against the increasingly frequent challenges facing angling in the UK.”

Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO, said:

“Dave was one of the first people I had the pleasure of meeting when I first joined the Trust as CEO, spending an enjoyable day trotting for dace and grayling on the Kennet. Not only is he an accomplished angler, but Dave also has a wealth of angling knowledge, particularly in the marine environment. I will always be grateful for his input and support during the Angling Trust’s ’When We Fish Again’ submission to government during the Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in angling being one of the first sports permitted when lockdown rules were relaxed.

“I am delighted to welcome Dave as ambassador and look forward to working with him for the good of our sport for years to come.”

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