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Rob Green – Lead Game Angling Coach ( Wilts,Gloucestershire,Oxfordshire,Hampshire)

I am a fully qualified Game Angling Lead Coach.

I am based just outside Marlborough, Wiltshire.

I have been Fly fishing since the age of six. I teach all year round on Lakes, at a local school and Guide on rivers during river season.

There are some lovely lakes and rivers close to me where there is some truly wonderful Fishing.

Fly fishing is both a most wonderful Sport and Art that I am keen to continue to introduce as many new Participants to. I have so far taught Participants between the ages of 5 – 85 years old!

Any form of Angling takes people to many beautiful places where Participants of all ages can enjoy the benefits if the fresh air, Scenery and the enjoyment from Fly fishing  – all beneficial to Mental health and wellbeing.


My Contact details are

Rob Green

07779783893( Mobile)

http://[email protected].

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