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Get Fishing for Wellbeing South


“Fishing for Fun”

We have chosen fishing and the new group ‘fishing for Fun’ for our young people as an activity because of the experience it provides them that they have when they are out with us.  Some of the young people we work with have never been out of their local area.  It leads to a new interest and hobby which is really pleasing to see. These young people come from backgrounds of having no parent care / living with friends / or living in numerous care homes for years. They thrive with the interaction of adult care and being treated with respect. These young people have few possessions (some have non). It provides a new experience Including, Freedom, Escapism, Relaxation, Concentration, and excitement.

“Angling for Recovery”

Angling for Recovery has been running at SIAS Solihull for over 18 months. The success of this activity has been unmatched in all the activities that we offer at Solihull. SIAS Solihull recognises that “meaningful activities” are an important part of the “recovery” process from addictions. Fishing offers the perfect combination of Mental well-being, relaxation, mindfulness, and concentration. These are a perfect recipe for success in Discovering a new life outside of addiction.


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