Membership of Fish Legal

Included as part of your fishery package, Fish Legal membership entitles you to expert advice on angling and fishery related matters.  Fish Legal is a unique membership association using the law to fight pollution and protect fish stocks on behalf of its members throughout the UK.

What can Fish Legal Help with?

  • Pollution of rivers, stillwaters and canals, including; sewage and other water company pollution, agricultural pollution such as slurry and silage, chemical pollution, siltation
  • Planning threats that pose a risk to fisheries; from hydroelectric schemes to tidal lagoons, factory farming units to major housing developments
  • Damaging in-river works, including canalisation of banks and dredging
  • Challenging unlawful decision-making by regulators and public authorities via judicial review
  • Accessing information from government, regulators and privatised utilities using information law

What support will I receive as a Fish Legal member?

  • Direct access to lawyers specialising in environmental and fisheries law
  • The full cost of barristers and expert scientists if they are needed to fight your case
  • The protection of a ‘fighting fund’ that has been built up through members subscription, donations and legacies over several decades
  • The costs of paying the other side’s legal costs in the unlikely event that your case is lost in court
  • Access to a large range of factsheets on common legal issues affecting fisheries and angling clubs including disability law, health and safety, navigation law, GDPR and pitfalls to look out for in leases and licences

Fish Legal can take legal action on your behalf against pollution and other environmental damage or threats to your fishery, meet the cost and pass on 100% of any compensation won.  It is a tremendous resource to have at your fingertips as a Fishery member.

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