Get Fishing | Spring Into Fishing with the Angling Trust!
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20 March 2022

Spring Into Fishing with the Angling Trust

Spring has officially arrived with today being the Spring Solstice, so now’s the time to get out and…
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Get Fishing for Wellbeing News
26 November 2021

Get Fishing for Wellbeing | Angling Trust

Anyone who has been fishing will know how beneficial angling is at boosting mental health and wellbe…
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Get Fishing News
17 September 2021

The Get Fishing Awards from the Angling Trust

 The #GetFishingAwards are here! The Angling Trust developed the Get Fishing Awards to help take you…
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Get Fishing | Marina Video Still
Get Fishing News
11 August 2021

Marina Gibson’s Five Reasons to Give Fishing a Go

Marina Gibson’s five reasons to give fishing a go this summer! National Fishing Month is happ…
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Angling Trust
21 July 2021

Take a Friend Fishing 2021

Take a Friend Fishing is back for summer 2021, giving even more people the chance to get out fishing…
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Get Fishing News
13 June 2021

Supermarket Baits – Part 1 | Get Fishing Spring…

Spring is a fantastic time of year to get outdoors and enjoy some time next to the water. The new Ge…
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Get Fishing News
10 March 2016

Explosion Heats Up the Tees! Winning at Angling Participation…

Dave Munt is one of Angling Participation's stalwarts. He's been showing people how to fish for year…
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Get Fishing News
04 March 2016

Perchfection! The lure of a new challenge… by Dean…

Dean Asplin has been with the Angling Trust since it formed in 2009. He loves his carp fishing but d…
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Get Fishing | James-Roche-barbel-trent-6-900-x-600
Get Fishing News
03 March 2016

Grubbing around for barbel… Trying something different by James…

James Roche is the Senior Regional Officer for the Angling Trust covering the North of England. He e…
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Get Fishing News
01 March 2016

Days of Dace… and other things! My winter on…

Rob Hughes is the manager of Carp Team England and an internationally known carp angler. However, wh…
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