Anglers Against Pollution
23 April 2024

Angling Trust statement on the government’s proposed ban on…

The Angling Trust welcomes the UK Government’s announcement to introduce long overdue legislation ba…
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Anglers Against Litter
03 March 2022

Angling Trust welcomes government’s support for international treaty to…

The Angling Trust welcomes the government’s backing for a legally binding treaty on plastic pollutio…
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Beyond the Breakers
02 July 2021

Take action to keep the sea plastic free

It’s no secret that our oceans are drowning in plastic, so how can we as sea anglers promote a plast…
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Anglers Against Litter
01 September 2020

Campaign gives anglers a voice on litter and plastics

Our Anglers Against Litter campaign provides a voice for anglers wanting to see an end to the harm l…
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