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Will Millard joins angling’s support for We Are Undefeatable campaign

Explorer, presenter and writer Will Millard, who recently starred in BBC1 TV series ‘Go Fish’ has joined in with support for the part angling can play in an inspiring new campaign – We Are Undefeatable, launched to support the one in four people in England who live with long-term health conditions like depression, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, anxiety and Parkinson’s.

Will, an Angling Trust Ambassador is encouraging people to try fishing as a way to be active. People with a long-term health condition are twice as likely to be inactive despite evidence that being active can help manage many conditions and reduce the severity of some symptoms. Will has written about how fishing helped him overcome his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Here’s what Will has to say about how fishing is a good fit with We Are Undefeatable’s message…

“I can hardly give a high enough endorsement of the ‘We Are Undefeatable‘ campaign.

I know beyond doubt that fishing has played an absolutely vital role in my own happiness and well-being and would absolutely encourage as many people out there to pick up a rod and pour your problems into the water.

Truly, focusing on catching a fish and the wildlife around you has this meditative and transportive quality that so few sports or past-times can come even close to matching.

Being bankside isn’t just good for the mind and soul though, it’s great for your body too, and with so many fisheries offering comfortable and accessible spots to fish from, as well as expert guidance and tuition, fishing is placing inclusivity front and centre.

Whoever you are, no matter your background or disability, there has never been a better time to get out there and go fishing.”

Will Millard
Explorer, Presenter and Writer

Will has posted on Facebook “I’ve tried hard to be more open about what Fishing does for my headspace in my writing and on television, but I have been amazed at how many people have since come forward to talk to me about the difference it makes for them too. Whether you fish or not, just being by water is good for the soul ??



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More about We Are Undefeatable:
Join the millions of people managing a range of health conditions that are finding ways to be active that work for them. Share your story with #WeAreUndefeatable


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