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iCARP – helping military veterans overcome PTSD symptoms

A programme, developed in Essex, England, is changing the lives of military veterans by helping them overcome the debilitating symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)…

Recently, iCARP was featured on the Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast. Dr Mark Wheeler is joined by Steve “Johno” Johnston, a military veteran who served for 22 years. The podcast gives an incredible insight into the mental health benefits of taking groups of military veterans away on carp fishing trips. Steve also shares how his experiences during combat subsequently lead to him being diagnosed with PTSD and the guys discuss how carp fishing along with iCarp have, literally, saved his life.

It is an amazing listen/watch exploring the impact of group fishing sessions on mental health as well as touching on a number of other topics including the military and the impact of isolation.

iCARP has been devised by Dr Mark Wheeler, a trauma specialist who recognised a growing need to help those who were being failed by traditional mental health provision.

In response he developed a support package which has so far helped over 100 veterans, with some amazing results. As a psychological therapist working in the NHS, Mark realised the patients he was seeing from Colchester Garrison were just the tip of the iceberg – many more were in need of help, but a new approach was needed.

While continuing with his clinical work, Mark embarked on a PhD at Essex University, supervised by Professor Sheina Orbell with the aim of finding a way to help more veterans.

Investigating Countryside and Angling Research (iCARP) was formed in 2018 to help continue the work that Dr Mark Wheeler has commenced, to research the benefits of group outdoor activities in the reduction of mental health symptoms in military veterans and others.

Both the Environment Agency and Angling Trust are supporters of the project. Through the Fisheries Improvement Programme, The Environment Agency have invested money from fishing licence sales to support the development of iCARP’s new fishery base in Essex.

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About Mental Health Awareness Week – 10th to 16th May 2021:
This year’s theme is ‘Nature’ and there’s a focus of connecting more people to nature – we think this an ideal opportunity to emphasise the positive benefits that going fishing can have, especially on people’s mental health and well being. Share your images/videos/or even sound recordings of the nature related to angling near to you (and how this made you feel) on social media using #ConnectWithNature and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
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