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The Angling Trust & Fish Legal offer a range of membership options to angling clubs, syndicates and match-fishing teams.

We champion your concerns and interests to Government and its agencies including the Environment Agency, Canal and Rivers Trust and Natural England on all fishery related matters including predation, pollution and environmental legislation.

Take out Fish Legal membership too and receive expert legal advice on angling and fisheries related matters. Fish Legal can take legal action on your behalf against pollution and other environmental damage or threats to your club or fishery, meeting the cost and passing on 100% of any compensation won.  Find out more here

On top of all this, all Angling Trust member clubs automatically benefit from our industry-leading member club insurance package with a liability limit of £10 million.  The cover includes: public liability, employer’s liability and trustee’s liability.  Provided by Howden Insurance Brokers, find out more about insurance coverage here.

Prices start from as little as £74 per year – find out more information about our great value club and syndicate membership packages below and join today.

We’ll also provide free expert advice on fisheries management issues such as predator control, invasive species and health and safety, as well as offering guidance on finance and grants to improve your fishery and club as part of our work funded by rod licence income in partnership with the Environment Agency. Plus our development team are on hand to offer advice on participation, coaching qualifications and how you can encourage more new members. This fishing licence funded help is available to all clubs in England and is not dependant on Angling Trust membership.


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Market leading insurance for your club

We’ve got your club or syndicate covered

Developed for clubs – great value,market leading £10 million liability insurance packageincluding both public and employers liability. Visit our online insurance centre to find out more. 

What our members say


“I have worked with Fish Legal on two occasions and they were extremely professional and unceasing in pursuing both polluters. If you are involved in a fishery, please support Fish Legal and take out a membership. They are the best conservation and fishery lawyers in the UK!” 

– Roy Hart (Fishery owner, member of the Ilford and District Angling Club)


“The work you have undertaken on our behalf has been exceptional throughout, for which we are truly grateful.” 

– Ouse Angling Preservation Society 

Is this membership right for me?

We offer various membership options for angling clubs and syndicates. We also offer membership for match-fishing teams under the “Club” membership umbrella.  


We also offer membership for syndicates – often run by one or more people who administer the syndicate memberships and co-ordinate the rules and running of the syndicate. The members of a syndicate often have no voting rights or influence over the running of the syndicate. 


Our membership tiers

The current subscription rates for the various membership options are: 


Size of club/syndicate Angling Trust Only Angling Trust + Fish Legal Fish Legal Only
(Applicable only to Welsh, Scottish & Northern Irish clubs)
1-20 members*  £74  £176 N/A 
1-50 members  £169 £287 £118
51-200 members  £238 £463 £225
201-500 members  £350 £706 £356
501-1000 members  £467 £1,135  £668
1001-2000 members  £629  £1,665 £1,036
2001-3000 members  £827  £1,864 £1,036
3001-4000 members  £1,014  £2,051  £1,036
4001-5000 members  £1,103  £2,139  £1,036
5001+ members  £1,221 £2,315 £1,094 
*Please Note: The 1-20 member category is for match-fishing teams and small clubs with no fishing rights.  If your Club or Syndicate has waters to fish, membership starts with our 1-50 member bracket.



Clubs & syndicates based in England

Clubs based in England may join just the Angling Trust or may take combined membership of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.  


My club is not based in England – can I join?

Clubs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may become members of Fish Legal, Angling Trust or take combined membershipMany non-English clubs do join the Angling Trust to support our aims and to benefit from our member club insurance package. 


Why join Fish Legal?

Fish Legal is a unique membership association using the law to fight pollution and protect fish stocks on behalf of its members throughout the UK.  Clubs who hold fishing rights whether through ownership, lease or licence, should seriously consider the benefits of Fish Legal membership. 

What can Fish Legal Help with?

  • Pollution of rivers, stillwaters and canals, including; sewage and other water company pollution, agricultural pollution such as slurry and silage, chemical pollution, siltation
  • Planning threats that pose a risk to fisheries; from hydroelectric schemes to tidal lagoons, factory farming units to major housing developments
  • Damaging in-river works, including canalisation of banks and dredging
  • Challenging unlawful decision-making by regulators and public authorities via judicial review
  • Accessing information from government, regulators and privatised utilities using information law

What support will I receive as a Fish Legal member?

  • Direct access to lawyers specialising in environmental and fisheries law
  • The full cost of barristers and expert scientists if they are needed to fight your case
  • The protection of a ‘fighting fund’ that has been built up through members subscription, donations and legacies over several decades
  • The costs of paying the other side’s legal costs in the unlikely event that your case is lost in court
  • Access to a large range of factsheets on common legal issues affecting fisheries and angling clubs including disability law, health and safety, navigation law, GDPR and pitfalls to look out for in leases and licences

By joining Fish Legal you get access to expert legal advice on angling and fishery related matters.  Fish Legal can take legal action on your behalf against pollution and other environmental damage or threats to your club, meet the cost and pass on 100% of any compensation won.

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